The art of caring for hair

Hair is not only one of the attributes of appearance, it is also an indicator of health. To maintain the curls in proper condition, regular care is necessary, which is done both in the salon and at home. In everyday care, there are many nuances, the observance of which will provide hair shine, give vitality and improve their general condition.


Hair Care Rules

For proper hair care, it is advisable to choose products based on natural ingredients. That is why many women prefer self-made masks, rinses, even shampoos. Among the store offers you can also find natural cosmetics, however, it should be noted that the price of such products will be much higher, and it will be stored in open form for no more than six months.
It is better to choose store products, adhering to one cosmetic line, and they should all be suitable for the type of hair, which is not always possible to determine on your own. It often happens that with dry, highly split ends, the scalp remains oily. Or, on the contrary, dry scalp and dandruff with excessive greasy hair. Before choosing care products in this case, it is necessary to restore balance. Consultation with a specialist will help to do this. He will tell you the reason for this condition and choose the right cosmetics.

Washing head

You need to start caring for your hair already with washing. You need to wash your hair as often as necessary, otherwise dirt and sebum clogs the pores, blocking the access of oxygen to the hair follicles. Means with increased greasy scalp or hair, it is advisable to choose those that allow frequent use. Many do not take into account that washing your hair is also necessary correctly:
Before washing, the hair must be combed so that the tangled strands do not get tangled even more.
Hard water negatively affects the hair, so it is advisable to soften the water by adding a few drops of ammonia or a teaspoon of baking soda to about 5 liters of liquid.
The water temperature should not exceed 36 ° C even for oily hair, since hot only enhances the secretion of fat. The final rinse is carried out with cool water.
Do not go to bed with wet hair: so they get messy, and their further combing will damage the cuticle.
Wet hair should not be combed: in this state, they are capable of greatly stretching, which violates their structure.
It is not always possible to choose the right shampoo the first time. Dull, highly electrifying hair immediately after washing indicates that the product is not suitable, it must be replaced.
Lovers of homemade cosmetics will use such long-known means as egg yolks, honey, rye bread. These funds are time-tested and are perfect for modern beauties. You can enrich a regular shampoo by adding a drop of essential oil of jojoba, rosemary, cedar or rose.


Basic principles of home care

Hair receives vital energy from hair follicles, and the cortical layer determines their strength. The outer layer, or cuticle, is the scales covering each hair. Dense and even, they make the curls smooth, the damaged cuticle puffs up, giving the impression of confusion. A special role in the condition of the hair is played by the sebaceous glands. If the fat is produced in excess, the hair is quickly contaminated, an insufficient amount of it leads to hair drying. Therefore, the basic principles of how to care for hair correctly at home should be as follows:
ensuring blood flow to the hair follicles, which contributes to their better nutrition;
restoration of the cortical layer and cuticle;
normalization of the sebaceous glands.
To achieve the effect in all directions, the hair at each stage must be properly looked after.

Balms and Rinses

After washing, you must use a balm, also selected in accordance with the type of hair. It provides power and smoothness, easy styling, removes electrification. Proper use of hair balm will give the best results:
the balm should match the chosen shampoo;
the product is not applied to the roots, you need to distribute it along the strands from the middle of the hair;
Do not apply to too wet hair, otherwise the balm will drain with water, and there will be no effect.
The final step is to use a rinse aid. This care product, as a rule, is not washed off, providing hair with nutrition. Rinse aid, like any other cosmetics, can be purchased at the store, but it is much more effective to use a decoction of herbs: chamomile, nettle, burdock root, hop cones and others. The recipe for rinsing is simple: brew a certain amount of the desired herb or mixture of herbs with the specified amount of boiling water, insist and strain.
Another proven tool that adds shine to the hair, protects it from oiliness, retains moisture, is lemon juice. To prepare such a rinse 1 tbsp. l freshly squeezed lemon juice to dissolve in a liter of water, moisten hair and scalp well, allow to drain a little and dry with a towel.


Drying and styling

As you know, elevated temperatures adversely affect the condition of the hair. Even the scorching sun can harm the appearance, not to mention the hair dryer or tongs. If you can’t do without a hair dryer, then before styling, a means with thermal protective properties is applied to the hair, which envelops the hairs with an invisible film, caring for them, protecting against overdrying.
Used styling products are washed off in the evening. The remnants of the product will not damage the hair, but the next day they will give the hair a rather sloppy and dull look. If for some reason the hair was not washed, then the remnants of styling products can be combed using a comb with frequent teeth. So the freshness of the hair can be extended for another day.
You need to choose a comb correctly. Preference is given to wooden scallops, which do not allow hair to become electrified and do not injure the scalp. Carrying out this procedure, you can drip a couple of drops of grapefruit, lemon or eucalyptus essential oil on the comb. Such aromatherapy will smooth the scales, improve the appearance of the hair.

General recommendations

At least once every 3 months, the ends of the hair should be cut not only to give shape to the haircut, but also in order to remove the dry ends.
You need to protect your hair not only from the sun, but also from the wind, and from frost. A hat is the main attribute as soon as the thermometer shows a minus temperature.
To maintain the beauty of hair, only care products can not do. You will have to completely reconsider your diet and lifestyle, including the regime of the day, where enough time will be allocated for sleep.
Healing serums, which are applied to wet hair after washing and are not washed off, are considered a modern effective remedy. Such products combine the effect of balm, mask and mousse, protecting and moisturizing hair, smoothing them, giving styling the desired shape for a long time.
As you can see, caring for hair at home is quite simple, but it takes time and organization, so many women often neglect the rules. If you use the information received in practice regularly, beautiful and well-groomed hair will soon become the business card of their owner.

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